Nicolas Rouzet, Pauline Rouzet
Living in a glass house
Nicolas Rouzet, Pauline Rouzet

Living in a glass house

Nicolas Rouzet (dessins de Pauline Rouzet)
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Living in a Glass House was first published digitally, in the poetry journal Ce qui reste . The version presented here has been revised and expanded. She inaugurates a new collection from Éditions Exopotamie , the “Écumes” collection.

This collection offers hybrid books, resulting from the meeting of a text and a visual or audio work. In this work, the poems of Nicolas Rouzet inspired the drawings of his daughter, Pauline Rouzet .

Nicolas Rouzet , born in 1970, is originally from Dunkirk. Author of several poetic stories including La Visiteuse (Éditions MLD) and Villa mon rêve (Éditions Mazette), he has also published texts in poetry magazines, sites and anthologies such as Ce qui reste, Resort to poem, Éditions La Porte or Editions Rafael de Surtis.

Pauline Rouzet was born in 2001 a few kilometers from Saint-Martin-de-Londres, then grew up in Marseille. She now lives in Paris where she studies drawing, photography and video at the École des Arts Déco.

Extract :

“Living in a glass house,

in the transparency of each gesture.

Travel the paths,

all the paths,

become your own path,

disappear there. »

Genre : poetry

Collection : Ecumes / No. 1

Cover artwork : © Pauline Rouzet – Living in a glass house (drawing on paper, 2021)

Book format: 15 cm x 20 cm – 64 pages

The publication of this work benefited from the support of the National Book Center .


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