The blood of girls
The blood of girls
The blood of girls

The blood of girls

Julie Nakache (visuels de Diego Arrascaeta)
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The Blood of Girls is an ode to femininity at its most carnal but also at its most ephemeral. It celebrates life and death, love and loss, and everything that is transmitted from body to body, from memory to memory, through generations of women and girls, some of whom experienced war.

This is the second title in the “Écumes” collection, which offers hybrid books based on texts and other forms of creation. Here, Julie Nakache 's poems are in dialogue with the images of the artist Diego Arrascaeta , whose work combines various techniques such as painting, drawing and video. Their works have in common, among other virtues, power and delicacy.

Julie Nakache was born in 1981 in Évreux, Normandy, studied literature in Paris and today lives in Angoulême where she is a teacher. Author of four novels: It snows a little of him on the threshold where she waits (2010), Portraits with a missing face (2014), The Reflection of the Meduses (2017), A dark and long night (2020), published by Éditions d 'gaps and at Éditions Le temps qu'il fait, she has also, in collaboration with illustrators, rewritten traditional stories for young people.
She regularly publishes short stories and poems in collective works, works with painters, photographers and musicians, and co-directs the magazine Ou Bien , an arts and literature journal.
His first collection of poetry, In silence and on the tip of the toes , was published in 2021 by Éditions d'évas.

Diego Arrascaeta is an Argentinian artist. For more than twenty years, he has held exhibitions in different countries, participated in fairs and competitions, obtaining various awards. He is often invited to be part of juries, to give workshops and conferences. His works can also be found in museums and international private collections.
In 2000, he founded the dance theater company Gristenia in which he worked as a playwright, scenographer and then director. He is currently collaborating with the Metazoa company to produce video-dance works, and is working on a series of experimental digital art that explores new technologies.
He feels so caught up in the beginnings that he calls himself "not born yet", but his mother says she gave birth to him in 1980.

Extract :

“Feeling so alive
that we could die there
out of breath at arm's length
without ever looking for what we cannot find

In U.S
in the other
in what joy and fear reveal”

Genre : poetry

Collection : Ecumes / No. 2

Cover artwork : © Diego Arrascaeta – She and her scars (mixed technique on paper & digital processing, 2022)

Book format: 15 cm x 20 cm – 70 pages

The publication of this work benefited from the support of the National Book Center .


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