Jasmin Limans
Morning of light
Jasmin Limans

Morning of light

Jasmin Limans
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Morning of Light is a dance, a trance, a labyrinth, a hunting party. His voice resonates, digs and unearths pieces, takes us into landscapes which follow one another like paintings created by the wind, appearing and disappearing, returning in a loop.

This word deployed beyond the mountains, in an area at the edge of the world, is first of all that of a character who walks barefoot in the snow carrying the corpse of a man on his back – perhaps that of his own history – and which strives to leave no trace behind him.

In turn, this voice integrates with other bodies and other masks, more or less living or ghostly apparitions, which evolve in spaces which are all animated by a movement.

Whether through purely geographical movements like those evoked by the crossing of borders, the appropriation of territories and the footsteps of a man, or through more symbolic migrations like those of this man who comes up against the limits of his identity by exploring his childhood and his origins, this movement is above all that of someone who tries to resist.

Resist so as not to submit to one's own species, to power, to the system and to the machine, to question one's relationship to others, to religion, to beliefs, to love and to blood ties, and to continue to walk barefoot in the frozen snow with the conviction of being able one day, a morning of light, to learn to dance under the sun and in the sky, to form a world in itself, a perfect world.

Excerpt :

I will have lunch tomorrow without hesitation or pain
Then I run barefoot
I rush through the frozen snow
I walk on sharp ice
I leave no trace
No brand

I slip I run away I walk away
I look for the fall and I say:
Today we play falling man
To the fallen man lying slumped lying curled
Curled up in the cold
In the snow covered at the end of winter

Genre : poetry

Collection : Shards / No. 1

Cover artwork : © Muriel Rodolosse – Vertigo (reverse painting under Plexiglas, 101 cm x 77 cm, 2018)

Book format: 13.5 cm x 19.5 cm – 180 pages


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