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Poésie-Paléo takes us on a journey on Earth and in time through world history and the geography of the Basque Country. By bike, train, horseback or hike, we explore poetry through the prism of Paleolithic art, pulling secret wires and cables between distant domains and countries where connections are gradually created. From these new spaces, possible routes emerge whose symbolic, emotional or abstract dimension constitutes an inspired story.

In the heart of mountainous landscapes, snowy or hairy, hidden under the mist or bathed in sunlight, animated by molten bodies, rivers, banks, caves, improbable legends and all kinds of elements as unexpected as they are exciting, the author embodies all the roles – from the explorer to the speaker, including the tourist guide, the archaeologist or the lover (sometimes man, sometimes woman, sometimes geometric shape) – to construct an extravagant territory whose map takes shape as his rantings progress.

Maxime Morel was born in 1986 in Paris. He teaches writing and art history at the École supérieure d'art du Pays Basque (ESAPB), in the cities of Bayonne and Biarritz.

When the eye looks

what he sees the look

it's not the ocean

the eye does not see the lighthouse either

between the sky and the ocean

In the gap which is located inside this gap

the look sees reconstituted again

the look reworks its living memory

the look sees this other look

the look touches the skin

the look touches the hair

the look touches the hands

by hand positions

with thousand-fingered hands

the gaze enters where the gaze is absent

he gropes his way in

built a fabric hut there

he twists

he is caught in a neck

in one ear

it revolves around the scrap metal hanging from the ears – the look –

with his images in his eyes

with our looks of hands our looks of tongues our looks of sexes our looks of breasts

when you want to bring the whole body in through the mouth

Genre : poetry

Collection : Shards / No. 2

Cover artwork : © Anne-Laure Garicoix – A thousand and one lives under the eyelids (acrylic on paper, 2019)

Book format: 13.5 cm x 19.5 cm – 160 pages


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