Trafalgar at the Larrazkenean festival

[Larrazkenean 2023] 🍂 [Autumn Festival 2023]
This Friday, September 15, concert evening at the Salle Inessa de Gaxen, in La Bastide-Clairence! 🎶

Meet at 8:00 p.m. with the Trafalgar Trio : Marie Lo Pinto, Jasmin Limans and Fabien Drouet.
"Trafalgar has more than one trick up his sleeve but doesn't have his tongue in his pocket. With guitar and explosive vocals, he sows wind in hearts and breath in minds to create spaces where speech, poetry and music are at the service of emotion and transmission."

Jasmin Limans, Marie Lo Pinto, Fabien Drouet

At 9:00 p.m., students from CFMI - University of Poitiers present to us the restitution of their residence at La Bastide-Clairence . They set off to discover the territory, work on their voices and their instruments.

* * *

Fabien Drouet, Marie Lo Pinto, Jasmin Limans