All those things that make the night crack, by Cécile A. Holdban, selected for the 2024 HEATHER-DOHOLLAU prize

SELECTION OF THE 2024 HEATHER-DOHOLLAU PRIZE (in alphabetical order by author name):

1. Jean-Claude Caër, On the steep path , The Sound of Time
2. Hervé Carn, Georges Perros – Life is everywhere , The Common Part
3. Marie-Josée Christien, Marais secrets , Les Éditions Sauvages
4. Cécile A. Holdban, All those things that make the night crack , Exopotamia
5. Perrine Le Querrec, The Dog’s Daughter , Editions des Lisières
6. Brigitte Mouchel, Unfold the silences , Isabelle Sauvage
7. Makenzy Orcel, Blackberries metamorphoses , Shores
8. Jules Prazantès, Bel Arbre, if you hadn't leaned in , Librairie-Galerie Racine
9. Ariel Spiegler, The Mixture of Water , Corlevour editions
10. Christian Viguié, Still life with blank page, shadow and crows , Bear's Garlic

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