The Blood of Girls, by Julie Nakache, by Valérie Canat de Chizy

Read and approved (July 2023) by Valérie Canat de Chizy

Julie Nakache, The blood of girls . Visuals by Diego Arrascaeta, Éditions Exopotamie, 2023

The blood of girls is that which connects all women, all girls, whatever their origin, whatever the country where they live. He is the symbol of the feminine. Julie Nakache addresses the theme of femininity in its beauty and pain, life and death. Being a woman can carry its weight of burden.

The blood of girls marks the end of childhood, it is also what flows from generation to generation, it is this memory which is transmitted from one woman to another.

There are those who gave birth, sewed, woven, folded, ironed. Those who buried their tears, contained the seeds of revolt that were germinating within them.

There are those who experienced war, who gave, softened, with their presence, the battered daily life. Those who are dedicated.

they carry the sun in them the forests
and in the warmth of their aprons we
warms up.

There are those who left without returning, who refused the law of the fathers / the law of men .

There is the wild woman, the one who lives in myths, legends , the one who runs towards the forest / in the breath of the wind / with the song of the trees.

All these women, so different, with enlightened or broken destinies, free or hindered, have in common this blood which flows in them, through them, and which connects them, like a ribbon, creating a community, a sorority.

Pregnant of words
pregnant of the world
She weaves wool
sing the blood
The blood of girls
of all the girls
and all women.

The woman is the one through whom love comes, in opposition to war.

She grows flowers.

The collection begins with the loss of childhood, and ends with the last years of life. The flowers lose their shine.

The memories of all women,
fell asleep in the garden
fallow memories of love
pear for thirst
they crawl under the stone
– in the desert of a dream –

leave the earth for the lights of a sky.


Valérie Canat de Chizy

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