This hand that holds the fire by Pierre Vinclair

"This is the second book of the editions @exopotamie that I read (thanks Mélanie!). And in a way not so different from A WOMAN IS AN INDIAN by Murièle Camac, moreover, the poetry of Tom Saja @tomlorange seems to find in the work of verse a lever to elevate individual existence to an almost legendary significance. The fire and the lake form here the mythological reservoirs in which the images of this fragmentary story are soaked - that of a man who revolts and ends up finding himself on the margins of the global organization of work and goods, far from the devitalized cities and univocal machines, the places and the people it must celebrate. Fire, mountain, lake, love. As if it were a question of starting from scratch, radically rebuilding the community and its values; as if the small container in which to melt or calcine the imaginations so that this rebirth takes place - the crucible of this operation - was the poem. 

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Pierre Vinclair

Published on Instagram on September 12, 2022: