This hand that holds the fire by Ariane Lefauconnier

“It was while taking advantage of a visit to @leventdelire that I was able to find “This hand that holds the fire” by Tom Saja (@tomlorange), recently published by @exopotamie.

In this long poem that resembles a modern tale, the narrator traces his love story with his partner, first in the city, then the desire to leave everything behind for a simpler life, close to nature.
Far from being only a story full of sweetness and tenderness, “This hand that holds the fire” is also an invitation to live differently, to break away from a modernity that oppresses us to create a new world.

It's a book to read and reread, to give to those you love and with whom you would like to go far away, to escape winter and factory fumes. ❄

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the beautiful work of @exopotamie editions, whose catalog is really worth discovering!

The splendid cover is by @xarlizurell. 🔥

Ariane Lefauconnier

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Post published on Instagram on November 20, 2022:

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