Welcome to Exopotamia


Just like Eldorado or Atlantis, Exopotamia is a fictional place that evokes a distant land inviting promises, fantasies and adventure.

It is Boris Vian who is at the origin of this name designating the desert region which is the central setting of his novel Autumn in Beijing , where there is talk of building a railway which leads nowhere and which must pass through the only hotel in this area.

Exopotamia comes from ancient Greek exo which means “out of”, “outside”, and of potamós which means “river” or “river”. The literal definition of Exopotamia is therefore “outside the river”, which implies a movement that does not follow the current.

Exopotamie Editions therefore find themselves at the crossroads of these two sources to give a direction to their publications which will essentially be on the side of fiction and poetry, and will be interested in engaged and current subjects, which will range from the most intimate to the most broadly existential, philosophical or political.

Like a desert, they wish to embody a promised land intended to welcome texts free to expand without obstacle, galloping and luminous, while attaching themselves to this idea of ​​not following the natural meaning of things but to instead take parallel and unexpected paths, which will push the reader to be jostled, surprised or even transported, and to engage in any form of reflection – whether meditative or metaphysical –, provided that he does not remain on the side of the road.

Illustration by SASHA PES: www.instagram.com/sasha_pes/